Checklist for releasing a new NAV version

CI status check

  • Verify that the GitHub Actions workflows (at ) related to the current stable branch are all green.

  • If any tests are failing, these must be resolved before moving forward.

Review milestone for next release on GitHub

  • Check the list of issues targeted to the upcoming milestone at .

  • Are all the targeted bugs closed?

    • Please remember that the series branch must be merged to master for the related issues to be automatically closed by GitHub.

  • Unless any unfixed issues are showstoppers, untarget them from this milestone to remove clutter.

Getting the code

  • Start by cloning the latest stable branch (or use git fetch; git checkout 4.8.x to update your existing clone), e.g. 4.8.x:

    git clone -b 4.8.x
    cd nav

Ensure generated docs are up to date

Some documentation source files need to be built using a running PostgreSQL database. If any changes have been made to the default event- and alert-hierarchies provided by NAV, these documentation source files need to be updated and checked into Git.

If you have a full dev environment running (such as the environment defined by docker-compose.yml), use the following to generate new docs and verify whether they have changed:

make doc
git status

If you see files under the doc directory were changed, these changes need to be checked into Git to ensure the documentation is up to date for the new release.

Updating changelog and release notes

Towncrier can be used to automatically produce a changelog using the changelog.d directory which contains files describing changes since the last release.

To add these changes to simply run

$ towncrier build --version {version}

This will also delete all files in changelog.d/.

To preview what the addition to the changelog file would look like add the flag --draft. A few other helpful flags are: * date DATE - set the date of the release, default is today * keep - keep all news fragments

Commit the changes using

$ git commit -m 'Update changelog for the upcoming X.Y.Z release'

Bump and tag the version number (and sign the tag) using, and push the changes back to the official repository:

$ ./ -t
$ git push --tags

Announcing the release