Sensor database model

Bases: django.db.models.Model

This table contains meta-data about available sensors in network equipment.

Information from this table is used to poll metrics and display graphs for sensor data.

  • id (AutoField) – Primary key: Id

  • oid (VarcharField) – Oid

  • unit_of_measurement (VarcharField) – Unit of measurement

  • data_scale (VarcharField) – Data scale

  • precision (IntegerField) – Precision

  • human_readable (VarcharField) – Human readable

  • name (VarcharField) – Name

  • internal_name (VarcharField) – Internal name

  • mib (VarcharField) – Mib

  • display_minimum_user (FloatField) – Display minimum user

  • display_maximum_user (FloatField) – Display maximum user

  • display_minimum_sys (FloatField) – Display minimum sys

  • display_maximum_sys (FloatField) – Display maximum sys

  • on_message_user (VarcharField) – On message user

  • on_message_sys (VarcharField) – On message sys

  • off_message_user (VarcharField) – Off message user

  • off_message_sys (VarcharField) – Off message sys

  • on_state_user (IntegerField) – On state user

  • on_state_sys (IntegerField) – On state sys

  • alert_type (IntegerField) – Alert type

Relationship fields:


Bases: django.core.exceptions.ObjectDoesNotExist

Bases: django.core.exceptions.MultipleObjectsReturned

Returns a Graph object describing a simple Graphite graph URL for this sensor.


format – The format of the desired graph, e.g. png or json

Return type


Try to normalize the unit of measurement.

The unit_of_measurement is the value reported by the device, and is all sorts of stuff like percentRH, Celcius. Here we try to normalize those units (in a very basic way).

ipdevpoll sensor plugin